Tajweed Mate App is developed to be your companion in the learning process of the Holy Quran. The app is developed with love, patience and hardworking, implementing the newest technologies and best practices, by an interdisciplinary team of professionals. But TajweedMate is still in an intensive development state. It is not intended to replace a professional teacher, as well. Well.. at least, regarding the current technologies and in the near future.


Tajweed Mate uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies. During the training process of the Speech Recognition Engine, more than 40 Qaarii's recitations are utilized. To further perfection of this Engine requires learning from more individuals' recitation sounds. We are doing our best to find more professional reciters, but you can contribute to the Engine by sending your audio responses to quizzes and memorization passages. Sending is disabled by default, but you can opt to enable from the app settings. We cautiously care about our user's privacy. Following passages reflect our privacy policy. We preferred Q&A style for the sake of readability.



> What kind of information do we collect from our users?

Tajweed Mate records quiz and memorization response records which are started by "record" and finished by "stop" buttons. These audio records are only used for OFFLINE evaluation by Speech Recognition Engine, so they are not sent to anywhere or anybody. If the user deliberately enables sending option from app settings, then he or she can send these audio records by deliberately clicking "send button" for one response at a time. During the sending process, only one audio record is sent with a randomly generated user number to preserve user’s anonymity. This user number is not identifiable user's identity, but only used to create a new entry for each user. This number is also mandatory in case of a data retention request by the user. In the future, we may attach an operating system information to these audio records for solving recording issues, if any occurs. Again, sending any information is totally up to your desire.



> Why do we collect these audio records?

Normally, Tajweed Mate performs its evaluation OFFLINE, which means, it doesn't send any data to anywhere. But if you want to contribute to further development of Speech Recognition Engine, your audio records are very welcome. Audio records are going to be used for improving Speech Recognition Engine. Randomly generated user number, which does not allow to reveal the user's identity, is used to create a new entry in the database. An accompanying operating system information (such as Android 10.0 or IOS 11.0) may be added to records, only to be used for debugging and statistical purposes.



> How do we send the data? Are they encrypted?

Yes. User data is sent over a secure connection, which is known as https protocol.



> How can you access or request retention of your data?

You can listen to your audio records in corresponding pages (where you have done your record). If you send the data intentionally by enabling "sending feature" and also click the "send" button, then the app sends your audio record. You may send a retention request by an e-mail to the developer with a clear sentence of "Data retention request". Since your audio records don't have any identifiable data, you need to share your randomly generated userID. We are going to erase your records (actually records of matching userID). Currently the app doesn't use an account login mechanism, so we are going to erase records if your proposed userID matches any existing userID. If your requests continuously contain nonexistent userID, your e-mail address (of corresponding with us) may be put in a black list for future requests.



> Are we selling your data?

No, we are using your data to improve the Engine, if you have sent any. We are not going to sell your audio records. Speech Recognition Engine on the other hand, can be sold in the future. But it is impossible to obtain your personal data or audio records from the Engine itself.



> Do we use any third party advertisement tool?

No we don't use any third party advertisement tool.



> How long are we going to store user data?

We may store it as long as we use it for the Engine. We may develop forks of the Engine, so we may store the data till the user requests retention.



> What if a user wants further explanation about this policy, or any other part of the app?

Users are very welcome to ask any question via our e-mail (tajweedmate@gmail.com) or other social media accounts. We will do our best to give the best answers.



> What if we change this privacy policy?

Users may always visit tajweedmate.com/privacy.html for most up to date policy. We may add a mechanism to inform you about any changes in the future.