TajweedMate is developed with love, patience, and hardworking, implementing the newest technologies and best practices, by an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Tajweed Mate uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies.

During the development, Tajweed Mate Team has been supported by Respect Graduate School. See more on: respectgs.us

We would like to thank Dr. Bilal Sabit for the content and recordings provided by Tajweed.us. Dr. Bilal Sabit has major contributions to the development of the TajweedMate App. Along with his service as a domain expert, he had contributed to different quality aspects. He has validated the application on the release gate and ensured the quality requirements. We benefited a lot from him during the weekly meetings of the development process. He is one of the exceptional people who achieved coupling excellent social skills with technical talent. His positive attitude motivated us to continue further from our target. He has provided the training data for machine learning models in the underlying speech recognition engine. He has done multiple rounds of quality improvements and annotations on this data.